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We are our members’ plug where we source for every policy crafted with your safety and wellbeing in mind. Offering a diverse array of innovative insurance products, we are dedicated to ensuring that every Kenyan has access to comprehensive and affordable coverage. From personalized services to cutting-edge insure-tech solutions, we strive to provide peace of mind and build lasting relationships with our clients. Join us on a journey toward a secure and prosperous future, knowing that Magnifique is your steadfast ally in protection and resilience.

What we offer

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Motor Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Comprehensive Protection for Every Journey

Motor Third-Party, Fire and Theft

Secure Your Journey: Guard Against Fire, Theft

Motor Third-Party Insurance Cover

Essential Coverage for Third-Party Peace of Mind

Motor Commercial

Enjoy Comprehensive Protection for Commercial Vehicles

Magnifique Boda Bima

Comprehensive Insurance Cover for You and Your Boda Boda

Travel Insurance

Explore with Confidence: Worldwide Travel Insurance for Every Adventure

Hospital Cash

Stay Covered, Stay Comforted: Hospital Cash for Extended Care

Heshima Na Faraja (H2F)

Personal Accident Cover with Peace of Mind Benefits
We are family
Why choose us?

When you choose us, you are gaining a partner committed to providing exceptional insurance services tailored to your unique needs. We distinguish ourselves through personalized insurance solutions that ensure you only pay for the coverage you need. Our rapid claims processing guarantees that your claims are handled swiftly and efficiently, reducing stress and uncertainty. Our team of expert advisors is dedicated to guiding you with clear, comprehensive advice to help you make informed decisions. Additionally, our deep commitment to community involvement means that choosing us also supports various community development initiatives. With Magnifique, you gain a reliable ally in safeguarding your future and enhancing your peace of mind.

Personalized Insurance Solutions
Rapid Claims Processing
Expert Guidance
Community Commitment

Our clients are very happy to work with us.

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